Proven expertise across drilling techniques

Seismic Drilling Australia delivers safe results to a high technical standard. Our management team has more than 70 years combined experience working across all major drilling techniques.


For mining and exploration projects, our Diamond Drilling expertise is proven.

Highly experienced with diamond-studded drill processes, the solid core samples we withdraw accurately collect data.

SDA safely achieves this by coupling the most technologically advanced techniques with professional, solution minded personnel.

Diamond Coring

Directional Drilling

Mud Rotary

Conventional Drilling

Large Diameter Drilling

Multi-Purpose RC

Shallow Angle

SDA is a specialist driller for shallow angle, tight access diamond drilling. We successfully complete programs ranging from -20 through to -90 degrees.

We’ve even flattened angles to as low as -12 degrees by end of hole.

This unique ability enables us to complete drill programs in the tightest of access areas, often saving an expensive redesign, or costly site works. When environmental or heritage restrictions are in place, our ability can be the difference between the project’s drill viability entirely.

We regularly combine shallow angle capability with directional hole control to hit targets others cannot, including drilling beside and under open-cut pits, successfully hitting targets previously thought unachievable.


Land Based Site Investigation

To assist in the accurate design of earthworks and foundations, or for the repair of existing structures (damaged by sub-surface conditions), SDA is highly experienced in obtaining accurate sub-surface soil and rock data.

Near Shore / Marine Investigation

Our expertise also extends to near-shore site drilling techniques, utilising free floating or jack up barges. From large-scale harbour, wharf and marina developments, through to jetties, moorings and breakwater projects, our subsurface investigation ability is proven.

Call SDA to discuss a tailored solution to your site investigation needs. Our specialist geotechnical capabilities include:

Testing Equipment Install

Monitoring Equipment Install

SPT Testing

Packer Testing

Piezometer Installation

Inclinometer Installation

Extensometer Installation

Aircore Drilling

Offering a compact, low impact footprint, our customised, fit-for-purpose Aircore drill rigs enable tight access in even the remotest areas.

With Aircore capability in the SDA drill fleet, it significantly boosts the variety of services we can offer clients.

From greenfields exploration through to mine production, SDA has all the necessary skills and equipment to respond to any project with value, efficiency and safety.